Monday, January 2, 2012

Short poems about life - How every aspects of life reflected by the poets

| Monday, January 2, 2012 |

No one can define when life is not real life, love life, passionate about life and willing to accept things can happen.

Our life colorful, fun yes, sad yes, happiness, pain is and.... That’s life. Poetry are useful tools for writers, poets rely on that line write the poem out loud about what just what most of life. For example, the great poet travels to sightseeing and activities of people from which to write poetry about their lives.

I have read many short love poems of the townsfolks and poems about life and activities of the fishermen who go fishing, those who plow fields, there are those who are lullabies to sleep.... all the daily lives of the poets are included in the poetry page. Life is a lot of ups and downs and difficult to overcome, to have a full life, these people have to work hard and learn, nothing is easy if we do not attempt.

If you read the poem, then inevitably you will find the soul in poems about life, their activities can be very simple matter, but it contains important is how much hard work, how much sweat tears to hope there is a more comfort life, the poet saw it and create emotion through poetry to the reader can understand that the farmer's long struggle to live daily feeding hemp farming families.... this is just one small aspect of the poet to work so that we can understand part of life. it is not sweet, it's not just a straight path that I walk so that it still has a lot chaos, a lot of turns that we have to go through, it is difficult and no doubt, try read and you will see the lives of people around the world how.

Dust of Snow
The way a crow
Shook down on me

who rolled the dice
Peering through shattered glass,
surrounded by nothing but clouded ash.

Is also great
Fire and Ice-
Some say the world will end in fire,

Heal the Symptoms
It’s crawling down on me now
This feeling that I won’t allow

Life Poem - Talking to my Tree
I sit across from my tree
To empty that which feels heavy