Monday, January 2, 2012

Poems about friendship - How an ever-lasting friendship will be

| Monday, January 2, 2012 |

Friendship is the joy of my appointment to meet you and we feel happy to be together.

That's someone you do not shy to express emotions in front of them. As though remote, is always sent to you a letter, a postcard for your birthday, or just to let you know you are present in their hearts.

There are real friends One thing desirable in life because, as one might say: "Love is gone, but love you, stay» Friendship is not a wife, husband, but is more a shoulder to lean on your secret heart of things

True friend in your party when you meet your challenges at hand Take you're sad Supporting you through your challenges Encourage rise
There transient friendships but also friendship lasting friendships have «social» we see where the people meet every day, where the office where the streets. But there is strong friendship even though they had not seen each other for a long time.

Yes ... They suffer from your bad streak, but they dare to speak the truth to you whether they know it makes you hurt real friend is even far away in space, but always give you a sense of close.
A friendship true and noble - That was the end for me, for you and reach out to all of us.
One of the greatest happiness in life that we love you.

A mystery that we are seeking, but a general understanding to understand that friendship is something sacred and lofty, shared ideas, shared joy and all his life for you.

You simply understand that the people we meet feel close, comfortable talking to each other that's fun show that I have a friend. But to reach the call is a close friend last time, there must be verifiable.

* Speaking of friendship, there are many things to say including the question that I find it is or it is:

- "Friendship helps people overcome life's storms."
- "Parents prop, you are also friends of reform is that both"
friendship is very spiritual, who is your father, the poet has written a lot of friends and their friendship poems for your boyfriend sounds tri tri his century, who died with her live even know how gapf many difficulties and obstacles.


My friend an angel
Fell asleep to the voice of an angel last night
She brought comfort to my soul and made life a delight

Hey lo i want to get to know you
say so i want a friend thats true

I'm writing this just for my friend
it 's always nice to see you again

Your cheerful smile
Your cheerful smile
Your caressing hand

Forever Friends
You're my friend and that is true,
but the gift was given from me to you.