Monday, January 2, 2012

Short love poems - How people think about love.

| Monday, January 2, 2012 |

People for generations have tried to find the explanation of one thing so-called “love”.

What is love? I don’t know exactly, but in my opinion, it’s someone care about the others. Nowadays there’re many ways to express your love towards other peole, such as through action, speech, sing for eachother or write a love poem. Love is the essential part of many relationships, like relatives, family, friends, couple, etc.., and in almost situations, writing a love poem is considered one of the best choices to let other people how much they’re loved and respected.

The poem, maybe be short or long, rhythm or not, but you’d better not care about that much, because the main purpose of a poem is to express your love to your beloved one. A short love poem with meaningful phrases that go straight to others’ soul is better than a long poem with lots of beautiful rhythm but cannot speak out the main aim of the writer. There have been many ordinary people compose great love poems with many feelings conveyed, then why can’t you write one love poem by your own and send to people you love.

Just imagine how moved your lines of love poems that dedicated to your beloved one…Love poems are favored by many young people. They often search for good love poems, as well as some friendship short poems, and they’re really enjoy them, because love poems can relfect many stages of emotion, fun, sad, happy and sometims the sorrow of lost as well. To people who haven’t read any poems of love, you’d better buy one book of them and enjoy it in your own way. I’m sure that once you’ve read it, you’ll gain more experiences in love in particular, and other relationship in general.

You'll agree
I never write about love,
But stuff is what I do best,

Love Poem
It's so nice
to wake up in the morning
all alone

Fallen Star
I can see you clearly in the skies
Falling down from my eyes
Like an angel with a broken wing

Every Time We Touch
Every time our lips touch, in the darkest of the nights
The light in your eyes opens up, and my heart it ignites

Why I'm Here

I heard them say, He must be special
His words are those, of a guardian Angel